Helping business growth

EMC Bristol came to LeadRetriever for support in leveraging new government legislation regarding EICR tests for rental properties. Seeing an opportunity in the market, they worked with us to generate new leads and enhance their business.

After talking with EMC, we realised that the best way to generate high-quality leads would be to focus on strategic partnerships rather than one-off jobs. This would deliver a greater ROI for the campaign, as well as providing long-term business for EMC.

James Cook, LeadRetriever

The Campaign.

With this campaign, we focused on letting agents, estate agents, and landlords with large property portfolios. The aim of our conversations was two-fold – initially to get EMC into place as preferred electrical supplier to these businesses or, where preferred suppliers were already in place, to position EMC as a backup or alternative supplier.

The Results.

14 converted strategic partnerships.

More than 50 pieces of business already secured.

Business at capacity and now expanding – opening a new office in Newport and looking for other areas to expand into.